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B9: Calabaza

All vegetarian - made with grilled zucchini, corn, salsa fresca, black beans, rice, guacamole sauce, and lettuce, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.

Regular $10.95Super $12.95
Enchilada Style:Any Burrito Smothered with our Homemade Enchilada Sauce, Jack and Cheddar Cheeses +$3.50
Additions:Cheese +$0.95Sour Cream +$0.95Guacamole +$1.25Habanero +$0.95Onions +$0.45Cilantro +$0.45Jalapeños +$0.45Pico de Gallo +$0.55Rice +$0.95Beans +$0.95Extra meat +$4.508 Prawns/Shrimp +$5.50Romaine lettuce +$0.45
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